My this year's word

My this year's word is 'Ignore’.

The student of the primary school ignores the talk of their teacher.

The teacher of the primary school ignores the talk of their student.

The teacher of the primary school hears only the talk of  their student's parent and their principal.

I think the politics is same, too.

The Diet member ignores the question.

They escape, and the doubt is forgotten.

Are you Okey this situation?

Crosswalk without car signal

When you are driving a car, if somebody is waiting in front of crosswalk without car signal. How do you do.

The UK media says they will stop and wait for a walker to finish passing.

But I have never seen it (in the crosswalk without the car signal )in japan.

Of course, when walker begin to passing, I will stop.

I wonder what will the crosswalk without car signal be for?

How do you think about it.

Consideration and respect for other person.

I think that parents and the school should teach to student not only the study but also "Consideration and respect for other person."
The bullying will not be stopped without this.

This is same between countries too.

I'm proud of my son

When I was around 20 years old, I tried to entrance exam for Hokkaido University.

But I failed two times. I went to OUC.

My elder son went to  Hokkaido University. And younger son entered M-I-T.

Anyway, September 18th was my birthday. I'm now over 65 years old.

My two sons sent me flowers from Tokyo, and called me to celebrate.

I'm very proud of my two sons.